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Esta Liga se centra en el lado competitivo del juego.
El equipo y los individuos buscan competir contra otros equipos y jugadores experimentados.
Los 4 mejores equipos competirán en los play-offs.
Debe haber al menos 4 equipos registrados en la división para continuar. Las divisiones se combinarán si no hay suficientes equipos.


02 de marzo de 2024  
en el campo de fútbol de Howison
14716 Minnieville Rd
Woodbridge VA, 22193

Los partidos se juegan los sábados.
Tarifa del equipo: $750, incluida la tarifa del árbitro

Los horarios de inicio del juego son
19:00 a 21:30 horas.

  • Eastern Prince William Soccer League Rules to Play
    If a team needs to forfeit a league game, they must alert the League Director a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled kickoff (if you see a schedule conflict early EPWSL will try to reschedule the game). Confirmation of forfeits should be sent to Failure to inform EPWSL within the 24 hour timeline will result in a $100 fee that will need to be paid before your next game. The referee will start the clock at the scheduled kickoff time. You need 5 players players to start the game.
  • Incorrect score reported
    Teams have two weeks (14 days) to inform the league of an incorrect score posted to the website/standings. If they find the error after 15 days, the league cannot guarantee the score will be change
  • League Standings
    Three points for a win, one point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. A 3-0 loss will be posted for a team that forfeits a game. Two 30-minute halves with a 2 minute half time Maximum roster size is 16 players
  • Equipment
    No jewelry is permitted Shin guards are mandatory Each team shall be responsible for providing a game ball. EPWSL is not responsible for a game ball should it be lost or stolen. Substitutions Substitutions are allowed by referee permission at any throw-in, corner kick, goal kick and kick-off
  • Substitutions
    Substitutions are allowed by referee permission at any throw-in, corner kick, goal kick and kick-off
  • Slide Tackling
    Slide tackling is NOT permitted. A slide tackle is defined as sliding for a ball when in the close proximity of another player (no matter where on the field). Performance of a slide tackle may be grounds for a yellow card. The correct restart is a direct kick for the opposing team. Players may slide when not creating a dangerous play, i.e. sliding to keep the ball in bounds. Goalkeepers are allowed to slide if attempting to block a shot or make a save. Some incidental contact with an attacking player may be allowed, as long as the goalkeeper is CLEARLY playing the ball. Goalkeepers are not allowed to slide in an effort to tackle an opposing player.
  • Free Kick Distance
    The defending team must be 7 yards from the ball. Penalty kicks are taken from 10 yards
  • Offside Rule
    There will be NO offside in the 8v8 game.
  • Misconduct
    Yellow Card – The referees will immediately replace a player who is out for a minimum of two (2) minutes and will pay $5 per card Red Card – A player receiving a red card, or two yellow cards in the same match, must leave the field premises, sight, and sound, without substitution .and will pay $10 per card
  • Team Conduct
    Discipline – The Team Captain assumes the responsibility regarding team leadership and maintenance of order and discipline. EPWSL expects each Team Captain to set a positive example for his or her players in promoting good sportsmanship and self control. If a player not registered with EPWSL receives a Red Card during a game, the Team Captain will be asked to serve the player’s suspension
  • Player Suspension
    In the event that a player receives a red card, he or she will be asked to sit-out a minimum of one game. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to ensure that this suspension is served. EPWSL also reserves the right to suspend players from league play. This is at the sole discretion of EPWSL and cannot be appealed. Registration fees will not be refunded to suspended players. Any participants involved in a fight will be banned from the league for at least one year. EPWSL reserves the right to suspend players from league play indefinitely
  • MANDATORY Game Check-In Process
    the referee will check everyone’s IDs and ensure that names on the roster and ID’s align. Teams will be able to add guest players. After the third game the roster will be closed and no more guest players can be added. Captains must notify the league director of invited players by 4 p.m. since Thursday. Invited players must sign the liability waiver before playing. If a player forgets to bring his/her ID, that player will not play. (Photo ID on your phone is allowed A passport size photo is needed to create the player card.
  • Player Waiver Release Form
    A complete roster along with online player waiver release forms for each player must be submitted prior to the first scheduled game of the season. A team that has not submitted these forms by the first game will have their scheduled games declared a forfeit until all such information is received. If a player fails to complete/submit their online player waiver release form, all liability and legal issues will be the responsibility of the team captain. EPWSL is not responsible for players that do not submit an online waiver. All players are required to complete the online player waiver release form for each season in which they participate.
  • Refund Policy
    EPWSL will process refund requests before the first game of the season. You will receive the amount you paid minus a $100 administrative fee (to cover credit card fees, administrative fees and software costs). No refunds will be given after the first weekend of games has been played.
  • Uniform
    The jerseys must have a number on Conflict in uniform color, the home team will change the Jersey
  • Fields
    Only players and Coach and assistance Coach are allow inside the fields Only coach and assistant, players who are on the roster are allow in the Sideline No fans allowed inside the fields Under no circumstance Smoking or Vaping or Alcohol drinking is allowed on Howison Fields and around the Park EACH TEAM PICKS UP THE BOTTLES AND TRASH AFTER THE GAME, IF A TEAM FAILS TO COMPLY WITH THIS RULE THEY WILL BE CHARGED $50.00
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